Telangana Harita Mitra Award Application form – Guidelines 2016 TS GO How to Apply

Telangana Harita Mitra Awards (THMA) Application form. THMA Invite to Harita Mitra Awards Application 2016 from individuals and institutions. TS GO 22 THMA Award of 1.00 Lakh (Rupees One lakh only) for individuals and 2.00 Lakhs (Rupees Two lakhs only) for institutions categories. THMA for Individuals, Institutions / Organisation and Local Bodies and Instruction. How to Apply Telangana Harita Mitra Awards (THMA).

Telangana Haritha Mitra Awards(THM) 2016 Application Form

Telangana Harita Mitra Award Application form

Telangana Haritha Mitra Awards(THM) 2016 Application Form: The Forest Department urged individuals, institutions or organisations and local bodies working for forest conservation to apply for Telangana Haritha Mitra Award at district and State level announced by the Telangana State government in connection with the second State Formation Day on June 2. The award at the district level carries a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh while that at the State level, a cash prize of Rs. 2 lakh. Interested persons and organisations can download the application form from the website . The filled in applications should be submitted with a record of work for the last three years.
Nominations are invited for Telangana HaritaMitra Awards (THMA) for theyear 2016 from individuals and institutions who have done pioneering and exemplary work inthe field of afforestation and wasteland development. 

The key features are:

a) Award of 1.00 Lakh (Rupees One lakh only) for individuals and 2.00 Lakhs (Rupees Two lakhs only) for other categories in cash along withmedallions and citations, will be given to persons/institutions who have made remarkable contribution in increasing the green cover / afforestation programme in the

Following categories:

1. Individuals:

i. General ii. Peoples representatives iii. Forest Officers

2. Institutions / Organisation :

i. Government.
ii. Non-Govt.
iii. Corporate

3. Local Bodies:

i. Urban ii. Rural

b) Nominations for the work in the field of afforestation and wasteland development willbe considered and assessed on the basis of criteria like replicability,innovativeness/creativity, setting up of grassroot level organizations, soil andmoisture conservation work and other related activities, target groups likewomen/weaker sections of society, people in inaccessible/remote areas, work beingdone over and above the call of duty/involving personal courage, tangible impact inrelation to resources mobilized, educative and awareness creating values, etc.

c) The Divisional Forest Officer Social Forestry & Member Secretary of the District Level Committee of TKHH shall invite applications after giving wide publicity for all the categories in each district, by 15th of Feb. every year for the work done in the previous calendar year.

The District Level Committee of TKHH shall scrutinize & evaluate all the applications and submit their recommendations for each category by 31st of March to the Prl.CCF& Member Secretary of State Level Co-ordination Committee of TKHH.

The State Level Co-ordination Committee of TKHH shall finalise the awards in each category by 30th April and submit to the Govt. for approval and notification.

d) An applicant may receive a maximum of 3 (three)THMA awards altogether inany of the categories with a minimum cooling off period of (3)three yearsbetween the two awards.

e) In case of corporate sector, the extent of mandatory plantation to be done by theapplicants under compensatory afforestation or under the provision of theEnvironment Protection Act shall be separately ascertained and excluded from thearea of plantation for consideration of award.

f) Tree planting undertaken purely on commercial basis by applicant includingcorporate sector will not be regarded as eligible for consideration for the award. Thetree planting activity should clearly reflect the social responsibility of the applicantincluding that of the Corporate Sector.

g) Applications under the following conditions will be rendered ineligible:

  1. (i) Nominations not forwarded / recommended as prescribed in para (c) above willnotbe considered.
  2. (ii) Nominations not received in prescribed proforma / incomplete in any respectand /or received after the last date will not be considered

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j) Applicants found to be suppressing information or giving false and misleadinginformation would be disqualified for grant of THMA

Proforma for nomination can be downloaded from the Telangana State Forest Department’s website or obtained from the office of the DFO (SF) / Member Secretary of the DLCC of the district concerned.


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1. The year for which nomination is made –
2. Category of Award for which applied: (√ mark the Category)

1. Individuals:

   i. General
   ii. Peoples representatives
   iii. Forest Officers

2. Institutions / Organisation :

   i. Government.
   ii. Non-Govt.
   iii. Corporate

3. Local Bodies:

   i. Urban
   ii. Rural

3. Name of Nominee (in capital letters)

(Authorized person in case of Organization)

4.(a)Full address with Tel. No. and email

(b) Photo ,ID proof(PAN/ADHAAR card copy- in case of individuals)

5. Name & Address of Sponsorer with Telephone No and email
6. Work details:

  1. 6.1 Location of the Work / Project 
  2. 6.2 Nature / extent of work done including extension and awareness raising and involvement of local communities (describe in about one hundred and fifty words)
  3. 6.3 Items of work (please give details of work under each category)

7. Publications /write-ups by nominee /photographs, recent video CD etc. relating to worksdescribed above. (enclose a brief)
8. Any award secured in the past for same or similar achievement (s)
9. Other achievements (if any) and pioneering / innovative features of the work done by the nominee.

10. Verification:

Verified that all statements made above are true to the best of my knowledge andhave been made in the clear understanding of their being true.


(Signature with full name of the Nominee)

11. Recommendations of the Sponsoring Authority 

* (with reference to the pioneering andinnovative work of the nominee):-


(Signature of Sponsoring Authority)

Name, Designation and Address

*Only in such cases where the nomination is sponsored by person / organisation other than nominee

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* More Details click here
* GO 22 Telangana Haritha Mitra AwardsTerms and Conditions Copy Download
* Telangana Haritha Mitra Awards (THMA )
Application form Download 

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