Not Register Your Mobile Number deactivate Account | Deadline for SBI customers on 30th Nov 2018

Not Register Your Mobile Number deactivate Account | Deadline for SBI customers on 30th Nov 2018 : Mobile number not registered? SBI will deactivate online banking access from next month (1st December 2018). How to register and update mobile number with your SBI savings account, How can I register my mobile number in my SBI account? How can I register my SBI account by SMS ID? State Bank of India’s largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) has imposed a deadline for its clients. SBI customers have announced that it will stop the online service if the mobile number is not connected to the account by November 30. How can I check my SBI net banking mobile number? How can I register for SBI net banking? The SBI website has published a statement on this. ‘Please register your mobile number by November 30, 2018. Otherwise internet banking services will be discontinued. It will come into effect from December 1, 2018, “SBI said.

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Not Register Your Mobile Number  deactivate Account | Deadline for SBI customers on 30th Nov 2018

How to Register Mobile Number in SBI Account

The Reserve Bank of India has issued a mandate to all the banks to connect the mobile number to the account so that the customer can disclose the details of his transaction. SBI also sent a message to its clients.

Those who wish to register the mobile number will have to contact the relevant bank branch. SBI has also provided a facility to register mobile number via ATM.

To register mobile number by ATM

  • ATM card should be selected on the machine after selecting the registration option. 
  • ATM PIN must be entered. 
  • Select Mobile Number Registration Option. 
  • Enter the mobile number and press the ‘Correct’ option. 
  • Enter the mobile number once again for verification. 
  • A message comes from thank you for registering your mobile number. 
  • Within three days the customer comes with a message of reference id.

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