TS Teacher Transfers Online web Options Process Video 2018 Counselling Procedure

TS Teachers Transfers Online web Options  Process Video 2018 Counselling Procedure Demo with Video: TS Teachers Transfers 2018 Online Web Options Demo with Video, Transfers Places Allotment Web Counselling Demo. How to give Web Options for TS Teachers transfers web based Counselling 2018 -Web Options Entry for Online TS Teacher Transfers Counselling/ Step by Step Process for submitting the Web Options for TS Teachers Transfers Counselling. TS Teachers Transfers Web Options Demo Video gives the understanding of how the Places are allotted in the Web Counselling Procedure. Step by step process for submitting Web Options for TS Teachers transfers web based Counselling 2018 Telangana Teachers Transfers web Option Select Transfer Vacancy web counselling web potion Procedure steps through Web Counselling TS Teachers SGT SA Subject LFL Gr II HM LP Primary UP High Schools Vacancies select Transfers Web Counselling Procedure.How to select your potion school.

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How to TS Teachers Transfers Online web Options  Process Video 2018 Counselling Procedure Demo with Video

Web Counselling Process for Allotment of Places -Excising Web Options -Vedio Demo, Online Transfers to Teachers in Telangana – Process to Exercise Web Options – DOs and Don’ts. Every teacher know Present Vacancies list, after Teachers have to enter their preferences for vacancies through the web based options entry system. Minimum Two potions select in web counseling .After enter your potion Transfers web potion, One week Allotment of Place and download of Provisional Transfer Order. SGTs, School Assistants, Language Pandits and Head Masters have to download the list of clear vacancies that are available Mandal wise, district wise, category wise and subject wise from the school education official website for TS Teachers Transfers Web Counselling.

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Step by Step process to be followed for filling Online Transfer Application Form

1. First log on http://cdse.telangana.gov.in
2. Click Submission of web options
3. Fill in the application form as per the instructions given in the User Guide and Government Orders and also keeping in mind the clarifications issued from time to time.
4. Confirm the next dialogue box (i.e., Fields marked with ‘*’ are compulsory). It is advised to submit mobile phone numbers that are in working condition and keep it in use till completion of the whole transfer process, as all communications will be sent through sms from time to time
5. Enter your 7-digit Treasury Id, Date of Birth, and enter the verification code
6. The application will be opened.
7. Auto-Populated Fields:

i) When the application form is opened, you will find that the some of the fields are auto populated. This is done to make the process of submitting your application easy and quick. The fields that are auto- populated or filled up in advance with the required information are:

a. Name of the District

b. Zone, Mandal
c. Treasury Id, Date of Birth 
d. Gender
e. Present working School Code with name and management
f. In case of HM/Teacher is a Recognised Teachers’ Union Office bearer, the system will generate the points as per the orders of Government

ii) If the details not correct or does not relate to the candidate, press ‘BACK’ button.

TS Teachers Transfers web counseling Video procedure 1


  1. Download the list of clear vacancies that are available Mandal wise, district wise 
  2. log in to the official Telangana School Education transfers cdse.telangana.gov.in website. 
  3. click on the link Submission of Preferences for Transfers. 
  4. Select the districts into which you wish t o seek transfer. 
  5. The list of clear vacancies of all schools primary, upper primary, and high schools in this districts will be displayed. 
  6. select your preferences from vacancies and submit

Following are the preferable steps while opting web options

  1. First select schools order in priority. (Best to least) 
  2. You must have strength particulars in hand 
  3. Keep your cell phone with good condition to receive SMS information in time 
  4. The password sent to your cell phone must be kept secret 
  5. 8 years, rationalization candidates must opt at least 40 schools and then select all. 
  6. First submit and then edit option. 
  7. Next final submission 
  8. Request transfer teachers should Opt maximum number of schools you required and finally opt your own place in order to avoid problems. 
  9. After opting your school (request teachers) the transfers process will be stopped. 
  10. Pease keep application number with you before opting to web counseling cell phone also.