How to Prepare AP PRC 2015 Fixation at Online DDO Request Treasury Salary Website

#How to Prepare AP PRC 2015 Bills Online/How to Prepare PRC 2015 Fixation at Online DDO Request Treasury Salary Website, Step By Step Process for PRC 2015 Fixation Online.

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Step By Step Process for PRC 2015 Fixation in DDO request only Model

1. First Go to DDO Request Login. Enter your DDO Code and your Password
2. Click on PRC Tab(+) Symbol. Then, it will be expanded and show the sub menu
    – Sub Menu in PRC Tab

  1.         PRC Details Entry & Reports
  2.         PRC Bill Cancellation
  3.         PRC Bill
  4.         PRC Emp Updation

3. Click on the PRC Details and Report
4. Enter the Treasury Id number of the Employee

#PRC Fixation 2015  If Bill Preparation button pressed and submit button pressed the PRC Bill be submitted to the Treasury, No changes will be accepted after submitting the bill to treasury in the system.

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Employee entering the Treasury Employee Code(STO ID)

We can see Seven tabs in this screen namely

1. Option Entry,
2. PP/ SP,
3. Option Form,
4. Appendix-I,
5. Appendix-II,
6. Fixation Arrears,
7. Bill Preparation.

# After entering all the required fields Click on Submit.

AP PRC-2015 Bill 
Needy Details….

DDO Code 
Select PRC 
=>PRC details & Reports
=>Step 1:
Increment after 1-7-2013
PRC CODE (2010)
PAY SCALE (2010)
PAY SCALE (2015)
Basic Pay as on 1-7-2013
Calculation up to 3 months.
OPTION -I (fixation as on 1-7-2013)
AAS date if taken between 1-7-2013 and 25-4-2015
Promotion date info. if taken
HRA & CCA changes if any between the dates…
EOL, HPL details between the dates.
Step -7
Personal pay, spl pay, PH allowance
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then bill preparation.

# After that the Option Form with Details, Appendix-I, Appendix-II, Fixation Arrears can be downloaded.

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