AP Muncipal Teachers Applying the facility of LTC/ULBs to working in in Urban Local Bodies

AP Municipal Administration Department Applying the facility of LTC to Employees and Teachers working in ULBs  Permission Requested Certain instructions Issued as per RC.No.11021/168/20184 SEC(1769256/2018-J31, Dated: 12/11/2018 .

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AP Municipal Teachers Applying the facility of LTC/ULBs to working in Urban Local Bodies 

  • G.O.Ms.No.37 H.M.A., Dept. dt.05.02.1974.
  • Representations of certain Teacher Representatives 
  • G.O.Ms.No.151 Fin (TA) Dept., dt.04.05.2010. 
  • G.O.Ms.No.152 Fin. (HR.VI-TFR-A&L-TA) Dept., dt.I 1.12.2015. 

All the Commissioners of ULBs in the State are hereby informed that, certain teach representatives have requested the undersigned to extend / sanction the facility of I,TC to Teache and Employees working in Urban Local Bodies in the State

In this regard, all the Commissioner of ULBs are aware that, the Government have ordered th the Leave Travel concession facility is extended to all the Municipal Employees and Teaching staff’ the Municipal Council vide G.O.Ms.No.37 HMA dept. dated 05.02.1974 (copy enclosed for rem reference). This shall be implemented & informed to all the employees and teachers in their ULB.

Therefore, all the Commissioners of Urban Local Bodies are requested to follow the abo, Government instructions scrupulously.

Encl: As above.

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