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How to Apply for Mee Seva Franchise Process 

AP Meeseva Online Application Forms at ap.meeseva.gov.in MeeSeva in Telugu means, At your service, i.e. service to citizens. It is a good governance initiative that incorporates the vision of National eGov Plan Public Services Closer to Home and facilitates single entry portal for entire range of G2C & G2B services.

AP Meeseva Online Application Forms Certificates

It facilitates single entry web portal for full range of G2C & G2B services. MeeSeva was divided into 2 sub domains after separate Telangana state formed in the context of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014.List of MeeSeva application forms, services offering departments, most important features, how to register meeseva online, uses of online registration form, meeseva centers details described below

Application Forms: Aadhar, Aarogyasri, Agriculture, CDMA, Civil Supplies, Commisionarate of Industries, Department of Factories, District Admin, Education, Election, Employment Exchange Registration/Renewal/Modfication, Endowment, GHMC, Health, ITC, Labour, Mines & Geology, Municipal Admin, NPDCL, Police, Registration, Revenue, RTA, Rural Development, School Education, Social Welfare, TSSPDCL

  • Know Your Aadhaar Application Form 
  • Regularization of Encroachment in Government Land Upto 500 Sq yards -Application Form
  • Corrections in Adangal Form
  • Agricultural Income Certificate Form
  • Agricultural Land Value Certificate Form
  • Appeals On Demarcation Form
  • Certified Copies Issued by Dy.Tahsidhar Form
  • Certified Copies Issued by RDO Form
  • Certified Copies of Panchanama Form
  • Certified Copies of ROM Form
  • Change of Citizen Name Form
  • Computerized Adangal Form
  • EBC (Economically Backward Class) Form
  • e Pattadhar Pass Book
  • Extract of D Form Patta Form
  • Extract of House site patta Form
  • Extract Of NOC Under Petroleum Act Form
  • Extract Of NOC Under Explosive Act Form
  • Extract of ORC (Occupancy Rights Certificate) Form
  • Family Member Certificate Form
  • F-Line Petition/Sub Division Form
  • FMB (Field Measurement Book)
  • Land Conversion Form
  • Integrated Certificate for SC and BC Form
  • Integrated Certificate for ST Form
  • Income Certificate (Fee Reimbursement) Form
  • Income Certificate (General) Form
  • Integrated BC-E form
  • Arm License Form
  • Crackers / Explosive Material Storage Form
  • NOC for Storing of Petroleum Products Form
  • Occupancy Rights Certificates for Inam Lands Form
  • Small and Marginal Farmers Certificate Form
  • Late Registration of Birth Certificate From
  • Late Registration of Death Certificate From
  • Loan Eligibility Card Form
  • Local Candidate Certificate for Educational Institutional Purpose Form
  • Mutation and e Pattadhar PassBook Form 6 (1) in English
  • Mutation and e Pattadhar PassBook Form 6 (1) in Telugu
  • No Earning Member Certificate Form
  • No Property Certificate Form
  • NOC for construction of Cinema hall Form
  • OBC (Other Backward Caste) Form
  • Appeals On Demarcation Form
  • Manual Adangal Form
  • Permission for Digging a Agricultural or Drinking Water Well Form
  • Permission to Run the Benefit Show Form
  • Possession Certificate Form
  • Refund of Trade Deposits (In Case of Resignation of Dealer) Form
  • Renewal of Cinema Licence Form
  • Residence Certificate (General) Form
  • Residence Certificate (Passport) From
  • ROR 1B- Copy Form
  • Regularization of Encroachment in Govt. Lands Form
  • Village Map Copy Form
  • Addition of survey Number in adangal Form 
  • Crop Insurance Application Form
  • Farm Mechanization Application Form – English Version
  • Farm Mechanization Application Form – Telugu Version
  • Subsidy Seed Distribution Application Form 
  • Employees-Aarogyasri Application Form 
  • Birth and Death Corrections (New)
  • Birth Certificate Form in English and Telugu
  • Death Certificate Form in English and Telugu
  • Birth Corrections Form
  • Death Corrections Form In English and Telugu
  • Non Availability of Birth Certificate Form
  • Non Availability of Death Certificate Form
  • Child Name Inclusion Form(After 1 year)
  • Child Name Inclusion Form(Before 1 year)
  • Child Name Correction Form in Telugu 
  • Member Addition (In case of Birth) in Ration Card Form in English and Telugu
  • Conversion of White Card to Pink Card Form
  • Deletion of Member in Ration Card Form In English and Telugu
  • FP Shop Renewal Form
  • House Hold Head Modifications in Ration Card Form in English and Telugu
  • Issue of New Ration Card (Pink) Form in English and Telugu
  • New Gas Connection Form
  • Member Migration in Ration Card Form In English and Telugu
  • Ration Card Missing in Department Database Form
  • Data Modifications in Ration Card Form
  • Transafer of Ration Card Form In English and Telugu
  • Surrender of Ration Card Form
  • Deepam Gas connection Form
  • Admission to colleges Application Form 
  • Amaravati Landless Poor Pension Application Form 
  • Annual Fee Payment Application Form
  • Annual Rerurns Application Form
  • Change in Manpower Horse power Application Form
  • Change ManagerApplication Form
  • Change Occupier Application Form
  • Revised plan Approval Application Form 
  • Application For Apathbandhu
  • Form Of Application Claiming Family Benefit-NFBS
  • Money Lending Application Form
  • Pawn Broker Application Form 
  • Application For Correction Of Details(Form-8)
  • Application for Transposition(Form-8A)
  • Inclusion of Name in the Electoral Rolls(Form-6) 
  • Encumbrance Certificate Application form
  • Hindu Marriage Registration Application Form-Marriage has been Performed 
  • Prematriculation Scholarship Application Form
  • Student Scholarship Application Form (Fresh)
  • Student Scholarship Application Form (RENEWAL) 
  • Anganwadi Workers Recruitment Application Form 

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* Above Forms Download Click Here

How to Apply for Mee Seva Franchise

In the process to apply for franchise / center of Meeseva applicants are able to make there registration online for which the official website www.meeseva.gov.in or www.aponline.gov.in is providing application forms online. 

See the below given process to apply online now:

Step I – visit to the official website of ap online or for franchise application form.
Step II – if you are not getting the application form via above click here link then copy and paste this url http://www.aponline.gov.in/FRPTool/S…tionIndex.aspx in your internet browser.
Step III – in the page click to the option of “Click Here to Apply for New AP Online Center”
Step IV – the page will send you in registration form which you have to fill as per the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Address (personal)
  3. Name of organization
  4. Organization address
  5. Pin code for both
  6. Current e-mail id
  7. Current mobile number
  8. Type of organization / business
  9. Internet details with speed at your place
  10. Having place own / rent
  11. Numbers of employee

And now click to the submit option after filling these all information in the form.
Step V – after submitting the form take the printout of your application and note down your registration number.

Through above given method you can get and fill online form along with the submission through the official portal of ap online in Andhra Pradesh state. Don’t forget to get the application number for future assistance.

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