Aadabiddaku Rakshaga Kaduludam Rally – Slogans and Pledge on 7th May, 2018

Aadabiddaku Rakshaga Kaduludam Rally  – Slogans and Pledge on 7th May, 2018 : ఆడ బిడ్డ కు రక్ష ర్యాలీ లో నినాదాలు- ప్రతిజ్ఞ. తేది 07.05.2018. Aadabiddak Rakshaga Kaduludam Rally on 7th May 2018 in all District. The recent incidents of sex crimes such as the one reported in Dachepalli, Guntur of the 9 year old child are a serious threat to the well-being of any society. Government of Andhra Pradesh have “Zero Tolerance” to all sex crimes against Women and Children and are deeply anguished to note such incidents. The Government also recognize the fact that in the absence of community awakening and community action, no lasting change is possible. In order to tackle this menace Government have decided to launch a multi – sectoral drive to empower women and children through spreading awareness as well as by taking action by various Departments and stakeholders. It is also decided that in order to express the deep- felt commitment and strong resolution of the State and the society to end sex crimes, the Government of Andhra Pradesh give a clarion call to all sections of the society to join in a State-wide movement to end sex crimes against women and children.

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Aadabiddaku Rakshaga Kaduludam Rally  – Slogans and Pledge on 7th May, 2018

  1. Government hereby issue the following guidelines to launch a multi – sectoral drive to empower women and children.
  2. All Departments and District Collectors shall launch programs to empower women and children:
  3. All Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions are to hold Awareness Camps to sensitise the Teachers, Employees and Students and to make action plans for protection of potential victims in their territories.

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  5. All institutions such as Hospitals, Companies, Factories and Corporate entities are to hold Awareness Camps to sensitise the employees and to make Action Plans for protection of potential victims in their territories.
  6. Labour Department should organize Awareness Camps for un-organised labour such as rickshaw pullers, auto drivers, hawkers, migrant workers, etc., to sensitise them to the issue and to identify and protect children at risk.
  7. Seminars shall be held on women rights and good touch / bad touch for school children to empower them to understand when the actions / intention of someone may not be correct and take action to protect themselves.
  8. Self – defence workshops shall be organized for all young children and adolescent girls to enable them to handle any situation where they feel helpless / attacked.
  9. Awareness sessions shall be held for men and boys about the rights of women, legal implications of sexual offences and the concept of ‘consent’.

7వ తేదీ ర్యాలీ నినాదాలు
  1. ‌చేయి  చేయి కలుపుదాం  … ఆడపిల్లలను కాపాడుకుందాం
  2. ‌ఆడపిల్ల  అంటే అట బొమ్మ కాదు , నీకు జన్మ నిచ్చె అమ్మ
  3. ‌పిల్లలందరినీ బడికి పంపండి లైంగిక నేరాలనుంచి కాపాడండి
  4. ‌ఆడదంటే అబల కాదు, అవనిలో ఆది పరాశక్తి
  5. ‌పిల్లలను ఒంటరిగా వదలకండి వారికి సమయాన్ని కేటాయించండి
  6. ‌పిల్లల పట్ల జాగ్రత్త వహించండి – లైంగిక నేరగా ళ్లున్నారు జాగ్రత్త
  7. ‌నిశ్శబ్ధాన్ని వీడుదాం – బాలికలపై లైంగిక దాడులు అరికడదాం
  8. ‌బాలికా రక్షణే..  భారత రక్షణ .
  9. ‌బాలికలు  భారతావనికి గర్వకారణం
  10. ‌బాలికల సంరక్షణ  అందరి బాధ్యత
  11. ‌నిశ్శబ్ధాన్ని వీడుదాం – బాలికలపై లైంగిక దాడులు అరికడదాం

Role of Sadhikara Mitras and Public : 

  •  All Sadhikara Mitras shall take action to spread awareness in the community regarding. 
  • Children should use a safe, well – traveled route to take to and from school. Isolated areas should be avoided.
  • Children should be made aware of the dangers of accepting rides from or talking to strangers.
  • Children should be encouraged to talk with their parents if they ever have a problem with a stranger or even a friend or a relative.
  • Teach children their rights: When children are taught they are special and have the right to be safe, they are less likely to think abuse is their fault, and more likely to report an offender.
  • Sensitize on Acceptable Behaviour when around children: Children are very susceptible, curious and are likely to enact the behaviour they see in their close ones. The family should be sensitized on what is the acceptable behaviour around children and teach the adults that bad behaviour on their part will eventually lead to irreversible damage on their child.
  • Sensitize the community on what child abuse is : Physical and sexual abuse clearly constitute maltreatment, but so does neglect, or the failure of parents or other caregivers to provide a child with needed food, clothing, and care. Children can also be emotionally abused when they are rejected, berated, or continuously isolated.